Monday, January 13, 2014

Today Alleah took me shopping. The only thing I did was take the photos. She did all the shopping. Lets see what this looks like, shall we...

we will for sure need to stop and smell the flowers

Of course we are all grown up but we will need to ask to get on the red tractor
before going in to the store. Of course.

Mission Shopping under way...

getting the shopping cart, like big girls do.

First stop, popcorn

Nothing down this isle, just a cruise

still cruisin'. Not sure she's understanding that I am totally 
giving her free rein to choose whatever she wants

Oh but wait, candy, why yes, yes I will

movin' on...


Reaching for Bell peppers, but really, not going to put it
into her cart, that would just be silly

I spy with my little eye

Now apples we will totally put in to the cart

How do you like these apples?

grapes, why yes please

Alleah, can you buy mama some sparkling water please?
"it's right there in front of you,
Stop pushing them back,
what are you doing Alleah? it's right there"
...continue this for 5 minutes...

Dorritos, why am I not surprised

She's reading the cheese label
(because she can read now apparently)

Time to go pay

Putting stuff on the belt

the only thing in her purse

putting cart away (what? I didn't even ask her to)

walking out with groceries 
(of course not all of them, mama took the heavy stuff)

you coming mama?

I'm a big girl now.
So proud of my big girl. 
She was pretty happy with herself as well.